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    About Yenati

    Yenati (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic company with experienced managing sponsors and a positive earning potential. Yenati (Pty) Ltd is a limited liability company registered in 2016 but operational since 2014 with the following government registration number 2016/126307/07. The company is a legal entity with 100% of the common shares being owned by the directors. It is 100% Black and Female Owned.

    • Yenati (Pty) Ltd expects to become recognised in the industry as a leader in the development and marketing of innovative, high quality Cosmetic products.
    • The company which was founded by Tinna-Susan Maseko in January 2014, is set on becoming the number one skincare and cosmetics supplier in Africa. It is led by a globally experienced team of entrepreneurs who have the proven ability and the drive to achieve the company’s goals and objectives including expanding the company on a global basis.
    • We pride ourselves in natural, organic and purely African products that give value for money, which are natural and beneficial for the skin. Our goal is to always have top quality products at an affordable price giving total customer satisfaction.
    • As part of our growing ethical concern, we do not use animal products or products tested on animals.
    • •Our business model uses the economic network distribution channel, direct sales channel and online retail. These models allow us to use various competitive advantages to increase the production and wealth of our beneficiaries and distributors.
    The company was formed on the basis of providing high quality fragrances at the most competitive price which is only a fraction of the high street costs. It was formed in Johannesburg 2014 in the home of Tinna Maseko. The business started off as a hobby and a way of generating extra income to sustain her family. She manufactured the perfumes herself and this began with individual sales and eventually developed into a network of distributors. Her first market was Zimbabwe. Over the years the distribution network has grown considerably in Southern Africa. The fragrance line was developed with input from customers/distributors. Yenati Fragrances are still manufactured in South Africa. There is huge markets that have not being tapped into due to capital limitations. The fragrance brand has grown considerably well over the years just from social media marketing. Due to budget restrains no other marketing techniques have been implored. This goes to show that the company has grown to almost 200 distributors in Southern Africa alone just through one marketing method, if other methods are implemented the earning potential is huge.

    The founder saw a huge market share in South Africa whilst simultaneously fostering considerable wealth and employment creation opportunities. The year 2017 saw the founder developing new products to add to the company’s product portfolio to effectively increase market share. This is how the skincare and make-up range were developed. The business has been solely funded from the founder’s personal savings to date. The board of directors now wishes to put into place the resources necessary for market entry into South Africa on a national basis and subsequently into the African region’s export markets.

    At this point the business is financially solvent with manufactured products in the warehouse ready for on-going orders, since all raw and packaging materials were purchased for cash, there are no trade creditors.

    No outside capital has been used to fund operations of the company up to this stage.
    The company’s goal is to be the fastest growing fragrance, skincare and cosmetics brand in Africa, with an aim to be the most recognized brand with the biggest network of distributors globally.

    A key goal is to connect Africans from different walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicity and regions through network marketing.

    Yenati provides highest quality products at the most competitive prices, which is only a fraction of the high street costs.

    We believe that we will become the largest cosmetics giant by Africans, for Africans by 2022.

    Our Mission

    To focus on empowering the African community by creating sustainable means of generating income through high-quality product distribution.

    Our Vision

    To become Africa’s skincare, fragrance and cosmetics giant, with an impact on the global market.

    Our Goal

    To connect Africans from different walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicity and regions through network marketing.