The company’s goal is to be the fastest growing fragrance, skincare and cosmetics brand in Africa, with an aim to be the most recognized brand with the biggest network of distributors globally. A key goal is to connect Africans from different walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicity and regions through network marketing. Yenati provides highest quality products at the most competitive prices, which is only a fraction of the high street costs. We believe that we will become the largest cosmetics giant by Africans, for Africans by 2022.


We have a wide range of fragrances on offer for you, offering products as eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Our collection consists of fragrances that are subtle and refreshing, alluring and sensual, classical and refined.

We are proactively developing more scents and blending them to give a wide variety of perfumes that appeal across the whole domain of our customers. The products also come in a variety of volumes to take advantage of several pricing points for our customers.

Our future plans include developing unique scents that are made from Moroccan and African extracts. This collection will form a high-end, limited edition luxury range of our products.


The South African economy is the natural point geographically, financially and industrially for conversion of African raw materials and intermediate products destined for international markets.  Our products conceptualize this point by incorporating locally produced raw materials as the main active ingredients and rendering the finished product technically competitive to international brands.  Health & Beauty has been touted as the number 2 business globally after information technology and we have kept this in focus and branded our skin care products as Organic.

Our skincare range is made with love from our African roots. They are purely organic and environmentally friendly. At Yenati we are skin care proud, our products are beautifully crafted 100% natural.  We promise you value for your money and affordability without compromising on quality. Our ingredients are carefully selected and are dermatologically tested to prevent harm to the skin. Our manufacturing processes do not neglect the environment.  We ensure that we do not use animal products or test our products on animals.


 How do I become a distributor and what do I need to invest?

Yenati offers you the chance to become a primary distributor of its products without the hassle of tedious paperwork or joining fees. Your first purchase of products to resell qualifies you to become a Business Partner.

Is there a set retail price for all distributors? 

Our recommended retail price is a 30% profit margin, however we understand that the market is different in every region, therefore distributors are free to mark-up their prices as they see fit.

How do I order, make payment and receive my products? 

1. Fill in our distributor application form and email the form to info@yenati.co.za

2. If you are in South Africa, you can make payment into our bank account.

3. When making payment use your name and surname as your reference number.

4. Email your proof of payment to info@yenati.co.za

5. Your order will be sent to you via courier within 48 hours.

If you are outside of South Africa, contact our head office, they will supply you with country coordinator details for your region, payment details and courier details.

Are the perfumes oil based? 

Our current product range consists of oil based perfumes. The product range offering will increase in the near future.

Become a Business Partner

Our Business Partners (distributors) are of utmost importance to us as they are the ones that make us who we are. We offer them support through workshops, seminars, free online advertising and we also give them support to host their own events and to take part in expos and exhibitions in their locations.

The Perfumery Apprentice

Perfumery Masterclass – Learn how to manufacture perfumes. Creating fragrances is a science and an art. Yenati Fragrances facilitates workshops throughout Africa that equip you with the skills and confidence to manufacture your own perfumes. Learn how to create French perfume using the same ingredients the master perfumers in the 1700s would have used.

Our Vision
To become Africa’s skincare, fragrance and cosmetics giant, with an impact on the global market.

Our Goal
To connect Africans from different walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicity and regions through network marketing.
Our Mission
To focus on empowering the African community by creating sustainable means of generating income through high-quality product distribution.
Integrity. Innovation and Excellence. Commitment. Efficiency. Consistency.